Swara Yoga

Music is the most unique of all art form...
Chant Music for better life...
Chant music for better health...
Heal yourself with Music...
Reach the doorsteps of Brahmananda with Music as your aid...

'Swara Yoga' is a concept perceived by the violin maestro Ganesh Rajagopalan. In 'Swara Yoga', we try to understand this basic concepts of Positions of Notes through chanting Swaras over and over again. This is open to all music lovers interested in upgrading the quality to understand this great art form. Come, Chant, Sing, Meditate, and Enjoy the bliss of Music.

This session brings you closer than ever to meditative bliss through music and its effects. Join the maestro Ganesh ji in this exploration of divinity in Music.

Meditation and Music

Meditation the process of identifying yourself A deep search inside your mind and body .. Basically A journey to understand the SELF ..

When we say mediation we immediately close our eyes , and delve into our thoughts .. These thoughts are both negative and positive ..

We try to erase the negative elements in our emotions and expressions and try to concentrate our thoughts on the positive ones.. We bring these positive vibrations to the forefront and try to get into a state of joy and happiness in the process .. Yes by practice we try to go into the abstract realm of thoughtlessness but that is possible only after a great period of Sadhna .

I have been talking about Meditation and now let us see what is the connection between this and Music ..

You will agree with me that good music always makes our eyes close and feel it inside .. This unique aspect of music takes us to the state of bliss Ananda, that we work so hard to get into positive frame while meditating , music automatically transports us to that state immediately.

Music has that positive effect on all and is the harbinger of all good things. It unites all of us going beyond the divisions of language , Religion, region, gender , time , space.

Swara yoga is a stimulus for all of us to get that stage in Meditation instantly to heal ourselves.

The unique aspect of Swara Yoga is

1. Every music lover can be part of Chanting Notes and Singing
2. It is set in a group or a community
3. The community setting helps to inspire everyone to build positive energy and vibration in the environment
4. Group chanting of musical notes in a group setting amplifies the positive vibrations and helps build a sense of calm and deep relaxation, which is a perfect antidote to our stressful lives.
5. The best way to experience oneness with God is through music as succinctly explained in the following verses from the bounty of knowledge, The Vedas, that the humankind has been bestowed with,

Japakoti gunam Dhyanam

Dhyanakoti gunam Layam

Layakoti gunam Gaanam

Gaanath Paratharam Nahi

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